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KVK's Hoof Trimming Chutes
KVK’s hoof trimming chutes provide an optimum working posture to the trimmer and minimum discomfort to the livestock. They ensure that cows balance correctly on all four hoofs and soles, preventing damage to the horn tissue. Livestock with correctly trimmed hoofs are...

Testimonial: Marsville Holsteins Ltd.
At Marsville Holsteins Ltd. we started using X-Zelit for our ‘close up’ dry cow group 2 years ago. Before using X-Zelit we would have some cows with milk fever and cows that were slower to clean. Since starting with X-Zelit we have had only one...


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Protekta Inc. is an Import / Export - distribution company based in Midwestern Ontario, Canada. We carry a wide range of products for the Livestock industry such as, Stalosan F, AllDry, Iron supplements for piglets, X-Zelit for transitioning dry cows, KVK Hoof Trimming Chutes, Bobman bedding machines, BoviBooster automatic hoof wash for milking robots, etc...

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